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Anti-Racism Project

If you encounter any acts of racism, please text 1-587-507-3838

About the Anti Racism Project

Diversecities' Anti-Racism Project aims to support Asian-Canadian communities by developing targeted and culturally appropriate outreach and engagement strategies and actions to ensure that resources and educational materials reach the community, so that Asian-Canadian communities are more aware, empowered and equipped to respond to and address anti-Asian racism and hate at the individual and community level. 


To listen to our newest episodes, please visit the DiverseVoices Podcast here.


Prejudice, Stereotyping, Racism & Discrimination (July 2022): Traditional Chinese

Yellow Peril (August 2022): Traditional Chinese

Hate Crime (September 2022): Traditional Chinese

Model Minority Myth (September 2022): Traditional Chinese

Systemic Racism in Public Education (October 2022): Traditional Chinese

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To learn more about this project, our current activities, or collaborative opportunities, please contact Cindy Au (

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