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Granting wishes to promote  diversity and inclusion

2021-2022 were tough year for children and youth in Canada. An entire generation of kids missed on the key milestones of being young: graduations, proms, sports, and clubs. More importantly, they missed months of school and social interaction with their friends and family.  Children faced unique challenges- with global school closures, cessation of important services like recreational activity centers etc. To create life-changing wishes for children and their families, who wants to explore new culture, adbot the community and embrace the new values; Diversecities Community Service Association joint hands with kids Up front.

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This partnership is an effort to ensure high levels of children inclusion and participation. The program is helping children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing to understand the culture. For many, the wish marks a turning point in the embracement of society. Parents say the wish experience works like a medicine in helping their child feel better emotionally and even physically. Up till now Diversecities with the support of Kids Upfront have facilitated almost 67 families and 208 individuals. 

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Diversecities' child and youth program aims to increase access to arts, cultural, and sports activities for vulnerable and immigrant children and kids. The initiative seeks to strengthen their cultural values, raise their confidence, and improve their academic and social progress by giving them with chances to attend such events. Ultimately, the goal of this collaboration is to build a more equal and inclusive society in which every kid has the opportunity to flourish.

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