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Unlocking Language Barriers through ESL Program 

16 years ago Susanna began her Journey in Canada. At the time, she had no plans other than to embrace the new culture and community with her family. While she realized the difference between lifestyle of Hong Kong and Canada, she was ready and determined about her new life in Canada. However, she didn’t see all the obstacles that were ahead of her and one of the biggest challenges was learning English. Upon her arrival she started going to community-based language program where she studied very hard and tried to memorize a bunch of difficult vocabularies that she can’t remember anymore.  

With little motivation, she started working at a local coffee shop; however, because of language limitation she lost her job. Since then, she has had a hard time finding the right organization that could understand her needs and modify the teaching approach accordingly help her overcome difficulties. One day, while doing routine chores, she heard the announcement on radio advertisement about Diversecities English language learning classes for Chinese community under the Community Education program. Without hesitation, she reached out to Diversecities and join the classes.  Susanna felt more confident when she discovered that her English Instructor is bilingual. Susanna described her experience as follows: “Learning a second language with first language support has enabled me to comprehend the language, and has also allowed me to not feel discriminated against.” The customized teaching approach of Diversecities English language classes  has helped community to connect with the local community members who, in turn, find friends and fellowship. Susanna has befriended with student in the class and opened up herself in class. Once Susanna successfully completes her free ESL course with Diversecities, she plans to involve herself in community activities to further embrace the culture. She will be engaged in some volunteer work to show her appreciation and gratitude for the free language instruction she has received.

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