Teacher and Student

About Diversecities

To visible minorities, marginalized groups, both young and old, Diversecities is

a community service that provides assistance in four key life areas: Economic                                                Integration, Social Connection, Well-being, and Learning. We uniquely form long                                          term relationships and guide Calgarians to reach their full potential.

Diversecities is eager to practice human-centred ways of thinking, using an

empathy and experientially driven approach to our programs.

Our Mission


We aim to return to the very core of the principles the organization was founded on: to create an inclusive and supportive society, where all peoples have equitable access to every aspect of good that Canada has to offer. Making social mobility accessible for Calgarians.

Our Vision

Diversecities is a renewed expression of our long-term vision: a welcoming home for immigrants, where Calgarians of differing ethnic origins are meaningfully engaged in the community.

Our Values


Our Frameworks

Diversecities' work to help Calgarians achieve their potential is guided by a number of frameworks, including the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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