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Programs and Services

Children & Youth

Beyond academics, we encourage the development of all talents and provide opportunities for life-long learning. This program is intended to supplement some of the child’s needs and provide them afterschool support through multiple activities, mentorship and guidance.

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Food Security

With the support of our generous donors we are helping the vulnerable while reducing food waste. Through this program we support local food banks by providing nutritious food to underprivileged member of the community. We work with food banks, industry partners, & communities to end hunger in Calgary.

Law & Advocacy

Provide legal services with the capacity to serve newcomers in their native languages. Help them understand their rights in Canada. Our programs range from support in family law, immigration law, workers’ rights and victim support. All services are confidential and free for eligible people.

Community Helpers Program

Designed to increase the knowledge of the participants about the available support for mental health provided by the professional in their community. Program also support young people who are facing an increase in stress, anxiety, or any other mental health challenges.

Mother and a Child
Community Bridge Programs

Promoting opportunities to everyone, providing settlement support to senior citizen, ensuring community bond through various activities.

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Anti-Racism Project

 Promotes education and awareness about multiculturalism and anti-racism. Provide platforms to the victims of racism, discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes.

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