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Anti-Racism Program

If you encounter any acts of racism, please text 1-587-507-3838

About the Program

Diversecities' Anti-Racism Program aims to support Asian-Canadian communities by developing targeted and culturally appropriate outreach and engagement strategies and actions to ensure that resources and educational materials reach the community, so that Asian-Canadian communities are more aware, empowered and equipped to respond to and address anti-Asian racism and hate at the individual and community level. 

Caption: Racism is the elephant in the room. When it "eats" into our lives, it leaves no space for a healthy life. Breaking the cycles of bias and violence stats at home by talking to children about racism, rather than well-meaning adults avoiding the subject. Watch this video to learn more about how racism is affecting our lives.
Caption: To help bring awareness to issues of racism, Diversecities, with the support of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, offers community education and resources. This video portrays the feelings of many multicultural individuals. In celebration of our family roots, cultural heritage and identity, reflect on the following questions as you watch the video:
1. What is something unique about your cultural heritage and/or family roots?
2. Seek to learn something new about: history of minority and racialized communities in Canada, your family history and reasons behind your worldview.
3. Talk to your children or family members about racism.
4. Talk to your children or family members about how your family heritage, culture, or traditions have blended with your Canadian identity.
5. What are some steps you could take in the next week, month or year to learn more about racism?
Implicit or Unconscious Bias  :
Parents & Youth: Having Difficult Conversations: English
Model Minority Myth: English
Peer Support, Mental Health & Racism: English
Microaggression: English

To listen to our newest episodes, please visit the DiverseVoices Podcast here.


Prejudice, Stereotyping, Racism & Discrimination (July 2022): Traditional Chinese

Yellow Peril (August 2022): Traditional Chinese

Hate Crime (September 2022): Traditional Chinese

Model Minority Myth (September 2022): Traditional Chinese

Systemic Racism in Public Education (October 2022): Traditional Chinese
Debunking Model Minority Education Myths (January 2023): Traditional Chinese
Debunking Model Minority Employment Myths (January 2023): Traditional Chinese

Racism & Systemic Racial Discrimination (March 2023): Traditional Chinese
Information Hygiene (March 2023): Traditional Chinese

Race as a Social Construct (July 2023): Traditional Chinese


How To Talk To Your Children About Racism (February 2023): Traditional Chinese

Active Witnessing Responses (March 2023): Traditional Chinese

Mental Health & Racism (May 2023): Traditional Chinese​

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