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Senior Secret Service
Senior Secret Service

Time is TBD


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Senior Secret Service

This program is to help vulnerable seniors to make sure they are emotionally and physically taken care of.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


Our seniors are alone for many different reasons. Some have children who do

not live in the city or who are not in their lives.  Many are widows/widowers,

who have simply outlived their friends and family. Some never married or had

children and now find themselves alone.  Whatever the reason, we work with

our partner agencies to ensure the senior feels special and cared for on these

important days. While it is emotionally important for those seniors we support

to feel special at Christmas, it is also important that we provide them with

items that are useful and that they may not be able to provide for

themselves.   Although it is not a requirement for either of our programs,

many of our seniors live on a very low income. We tried to ensure that most

vulnerable seniors are not forgotten.

To learn more please contact Kevin Yau at +1 (403) 265 - 8446, ext. 110


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