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Immigrant Support Group
Immigrant Support Group

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Immigrant Support Group

This Group will focus on issues of Settlement and adjustment for new immigrants

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Active Event



The group focuses on issues of settlement and adjustment for newcomers and

provides information to assist in dealing with related issues. Participants can

deepen their local knowledge of Calgary through different programming. More

understanding of community resources; and meeting more new friends;

communicate and support each other to help everyone integrate into the

community faster.

Group highlights:

  • Introduction to the three levels of government in Canada
  • Alberta's education and healthcare system 
  • Community Resources and Transportation
  • Employment Statistics and Workplace Culture
  • Knowledge of local banking and insurance business
  • Housing Market and Loan Information
  • Visit various communities, organizations or groups and encourage active
  • participation

If you want to know more about the Immigrant Support Group, please give us a call at +1 (403) 265 - 8446 for more information.


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