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Community Education Program

About Program

Diversecities 'Community Education Program" is an excellent initiative that addresses a significant challenge that many newcomers to Canada face - the language barrier.


By providing language classes both on-site and online, the program offers flexibility to learners who may have busy schedules or who live far away from your physical location.

The unique approach of having instructors who speak the mother tongue of the clients  make a significant difference in helping learners feel more comfortable and confident when practicing English.

Additionally, the program's focus on topics beyond language learning, such as Canadian culture, society, and practical life skills, can help newcomers integrate more smoothly into their new communities. The inclusion of field trips to put language skills into practice in real-life situations is also a great addition to the program.


These activities can be particularly helpful in promoting social connections and building networks across different communities in Calgary.

Overall, the Community Education Program is a valuable resource for newcomers to Canada, providing both language and practical life skills to support their integration process. 

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To learn more about this project, our current activities, or collaborative opportunities, please contact the Program Coordinator (

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