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Community Helpers Program

Diversecites is proud to be one of the three organizations providing Community Helpers Program (CHP), a curriculum developed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) targeted for youth and adults aged 12 and over.

Community Helpers Program

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Collaborating with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Diversecities delivers this multimodular program to self-identified or nominated natural community helpers, whom youths tend to confide in, as well as youth and adults aged 12 and over. CHP raises awareness for suicide prevention and helps to reduce the stigma of accessing mental health support.

Through attending the training sessions on different topics, community helpers refine their natural abilities to be empathic, caring and compassionate. They also learn other important life skills, including effective communication, self-care, coping with stress, handling crisis situations, suicide awareness, and are introduced to relevant community services and professional supports.

Date: ongoing

Time: based on staff availability

Location: Zoom

Video Introduction

If you are interested in finding out more about Diversecities’ Community Helper Program or to book a session for your group, please call +1 (403) 265 - 8446 to speak with Robyn Tsoi (ext. 121).


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